More SSS

Using two materials, two vector curves, and one lamp.

Some variations:

Please share how you did it by posting a blender file!

yes, please tell us how you did it :slight_smile:

=>One more request for sharing your technique with us!:slight_smile:

Same as the above.

Ditto…Double Ditto

Download the .blend file here.

As you can see, the setup is very simple. There’s one material for surface (blue) and one for deeper reflection (green). The latter is cloned and applied twice with different vector curves that modify the normals. Note that the green “glow” doesn’t receive shadows.

Getting the desired effect is really just a matter of finding two materials that work well together in this setup. Use the second color mix node to emphasize either the surface finish or the inner glow of the object.

I have heard a lot of SSS but what is it? I don’t see what is so special about it…


Sub SUrface Scattering, is about light absorption on objects in real life, like candles, human skin, etc…

Thank you eye208!

So can you do something like that with translucency? or is this the only way…

I’d like to get the file, but I couldn’t find the download link on that page. If I might suggest as an alternative to making people sign up and give an e-mail address to get a file. I must have accounts now on 50 fileservers that I just wanted to download a file from someone.

–found it.

mitso… if you go down some on that page you will find this:

File details:

File Name: simple_sss.blend
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you can do the basic for free…

it is then the same type thing for the next page, just scroll down a little…

hope that helps…


oops… saw that you found it already…

Good SSS resemblance… that’s what it’s about, making things look good. I’ve been following the puritan approach, I guess, cooking my noodle to try and obtain a depthmap… but this works!

The example uses translucency with the green material, but this is optional. The point of using two materials is to make the subsurface reflection appear in different colors to make the result look more convincing.

Could you please submit you materials and nodes setup for Blender Art magazine #7 ? They looking for content to fill 7th issue :slight_smile: