More strange errors with Multires...

Very strange problem again… (I seem to get a lot of these?)

One of the objects in my .blend has an issue with Select All in edit mode. If I select all verts, faces, or edges with the A key and then click anywhere to change centering cursor location, the model disapears, only brought back by right clicking, hitting undo, and right clicking again.

After studying the problem, I’ve found out its also deforming the mesh with what looks to be a smoothing tool. I can tell because I have a part of the model where a triangular shape overlaps into a pillar and after the problem above occurs the triangular shape is no longer overlapping. I get the same effect If I select the vertices of the triangle shape

Oddly, selecting everything using the B key in either of its modes is fine.

edit: I just realised the problem is caused by the Multires tool. This is a tool that seems to cause me a lot of problems lately…

So basically, if I put multires on the mesh is deformed by the smoothing , which is normal. Its just math. But, when I put the level back down to 1 i.e. no added vertices, the model is still deformed. Furthermore, there seems to be no way to turn off multires other than to hit Apply, and that sets the deformation in stone.

This wouldn’t be so bad except that I need the model to be able to return to non-multired, low polyness. Basically, I’m using multires to get smoother lighting and better ambiant occlusion, and then baking the render to the texture (this model is for a game). Then, I want to make it low poly again by removing the multires so its back to where it was before, but has better textures.

I did manage this before, but after learning some lighting tricks and finding out my models could do with even more optomization, I decided to try again, and ran into these problems. Before, I was able to do it. So, anyone know whats different about this scene? Also, yes. It happens to all models in the scene.

Any help would be lovely, thanks!

Ok I got around this by using Catmull Clark smoothing as a modifier instead of the built in Multires tab in the mesh controls. Still, I now need to use two versions of each mesh because the modifier doesn’t add vertices until its applied, where as the Multires tab does it, allowing me to not change the UV map at all. The modifier will do the same, but I’ll have to make doubles so I can apply the new uvmap to and older, low poly model. Ah well, it works, right?

Still, I’d love to know the cause of this error since I’m sure its something I clicked earlier.