More super awesome magic mushies!!

Hey everyone!

Here’s some more mushrooms carrying on with this theme. I used an SSS/Material Node shader from a previous project (Blue Spore) and added a cloud texture to it. And of course the glow wouldn’t be possible without the Directional Blur node.

Critique is not welcome.


Of course not. I’d love to hear what you think about these mushrooms, and how I could make them better!

And if anyone would like this image as a wallpaper, just post your screen res and I’ll render out a full resolution image to fit your screen.




You could maybe try to make the Mush on the right brighter than the others (in other words: make the other Mushs darker), so that the focus shifts to the right and the picture becomes more dynamic.

But that’s just an idea, maybe that would look like sh*t :smiley:

And maybe add some spores …

Sidcom: Thanks for the idea! So by “spores” what exactly do you mean? Just little spore objects (like in the blue spore animation) floating around?

You could try that … but i rather meant it like this:
but coming towards you.
Whatever looks best :slight_smile:

Sidcom: Great idea! I will defiantly use this concept in my next fungus project! Thanks!

Anybody else have comments or crits?

nice. good colors… good lighting… nice feel…

Thanks emesee!