More texture problems

What the hell is happening now? I tried using nodes because i was adding caustics to my objects now they come out looking like the image and even stopping nodes does not help
My normals are normal, sometimes the object come out looking complete most times sections are missing. This will be another texture problem that can’t be solved



It could be caused by any number of things. If possible please post a blend file containing the model and with the textures packed.

Also please report what exact version of Blender you’re using, your operating system, and any scripts you are running.

Here it is To test it start the blend, press p to start the game engine then press space bar several timews to see the textures. Thsi was working fine until i added nodes for caustics ( another texture over the fish texture) Nothing i do helps. If you solve this one i have another no one can solve


No real game engine experience here, but everything seems to be fine if you put all the lighting and the fish on the same layer.

I’m no BGE expert but when I changed line 11 in your script, so it looks like SPEED = 1 instead of SPEED = own.speed, every fish looks well. However, I’m not sure if it solves the problem in your whole project.

Jawra, you are a genius. The script for caustics works on other parts of my blend so i never would have thought of changing the script. When i do it makes a problem with other objects receiving caustics but that is easliy fixed by renaming the new script, thankyou. If you want to try another problem check out this in composition section. . I was working on it so much i made a huge mess of it. the problem is pretty much caustics are not flowing the way they should and the uv mapping is a mess. I worked on it for 3 days check it out if you have the time The original script should work but does not.

Thanks again