More texturing issues

Wow…ok…this is a bit confusing.

So I have my object. It needs to have 3 materials (I think) applied to it. A.) A basic silver material for the shell. B.) A UV map for the LCD screen. and C.) a basic gray plastic material for a small clip.

SO. Somone double check me on this?

  1. I TAB into editing mode and select a set of verts for one material.

  2. I go to the editing menu and click New 3 times.

  3. I move back to the first Material I created and click Assign.

  4. Then I go to the shading menu and heres where Im confused…those three textures are actually 2 instances and one “parent”? I have to make 2 single user copies of my parent material? Is this correct?

  5. After I do this I go back and select the verts corresponding to each of my 2 newly independent materials? Select each of the new materials and Assign them to my selected verts? Is this correct?

yes this sounds correct. just make sure you deselect the previos vertex selection when moving on to the next material… ok that’s logical, but just in case…

so you end up with three material indices, each of it with a different material assigned to it.

that’s it

Thanks Sol.

What gets me is that instancing part.

I click NEW once and I get a base material.

Instead of going back and clicking NEW twice more couldnt I just make 2 single user copies of that base material?


Note that you could also just separate the meshes and make three objects; it sounds like that would be closer to the physical reality. Each object then gets its own (single) material and texture. I have played with the multi-material vertice assign schtick and also find it confusing, mostly because of hte UI. I think that vertice groups for arbitrary purposes and then vertice groups for materal purposes is a bit overkill, but a great feature just to have.


Ok well I wasnt able to do the Single User Copy (SUC? LOL) from just one material. So apparently the other two “child” copies have to be there first.


Ive started thinking of the new materials one creates as a parent and multiple children, sorta ignoring the technicalities. Once a parent and the kids are made you have to detach the kids in order to edit them independently.

I did manage to get the phone correctly…uhm…“textured”. LOL But Im still encountering small issues.

The shell of the phone is a procedural material and the keypad is a UV Map. Theres a faint but visable line where the pro-mat ends and the uv-map begins. Im trying to get rid of that because I really and truely dont want to have to go back and model those keys.

Anywho, once I get that issue solved the project will be done.

Ill see if I can talk the webmaster into letting me have a tiny bit of the webserver so I can post images.

Why, didn’t you know that the user of this phone found a really pretty decorative-sticker to put around the keypad? :smiley: Just find a plausible visual excuse for it. Or, slightly adjust the mesh so that the keypad area appears recessed, giving you a place to disguise any “faint but visible lines.” It may also be that you’re seeing it, and you’re objecting to it, but nobody else will.

If George Lucas can ship Star-Wars-I with a stadium bleachers full of colored Q-tips, you can get away with a “faint but visible line.” :smiley:

LMAO Ill remember that, though I dont think my boss is gonna let me use it as an excuse. LOL

It’s vertex groups for armatures (not really “arbitary purposes” even if you can manipulate them in that way), and face groups for materials. Two seperate things.

Which brings me to my suggestion - when you sere assigning the materials, did you assign to every face? Some people assign a material to each vertex, leaving a line of untouched faces between each material - which could be your “faint but visible line”

LOL Nope the faint but visable line is from the UV map…it has the original phones “silver” in it for the key pad.
While the rest of the shell of the phone is a silver procedural material.
Dont think (or didnt think) there was much I could do about it, but I sorta fudged the lighting a bit to wash it out.

This is a single still image from the phone animation you guys were kind enough to assist me with.