More Than 1 Material Causes Mesh To Distort in Blender 2.8

Whenever I load a model into Blender 2.8, I get this result. The mesh is completely distorted. When I have more than 1 material property for a model (skin, mouth, etc…), it distorts like this. But, if my mesh only contains 1 material, let’s say ‘skin’, this distortion does not seem to happen.

When I separate the mesh but only assign 1 material to that specific part, it works as normal. But, how can I keep my mesh as one whole model AND with multiple materials without having it distort this way?

This same model worked in Blender 2.7 as a whole with multiple materials. How can I fix this material trouble? Thanks in advance.

A couple of questions: Where are you loading this from (what file type, program), can you upload a screenshot of the problem or a link to a screenshot?