More than 10000 pixel render in blender 2.57???

Hi everyone,

I wanted to create a poster of one of my renders … BUT to get a resolution of 300 dpi i would need more than 10000 pixels…

Can anybody help me? I already searched for that issue like cracy and all i found was the script really big render but it’s for 2.49 -.-

I assume that you mean the resulting picture has a side dimention of 10,000?

Anyways… a final render of 3504/2536 pixels (from my canon EOS 30D) is more than enough to print at A3 (17"/11", approx 206dpi, proven) and I’d be happy to say that even printing at A2 (22"/11" approx 159dpi) should be more than ok.

If the print is even bigger then the resolution can be even lower due to viewing distance and also the fact that most printers (drivers) use interpolation between the native printer resolution and the number of pixels in the file and ignore any embedded dpi data

I got a similar problem myself, I need to render my next project in 22677/9921 and it’s the first one of that size in 2.5 where the renderscript is not working.

Any ideas?

And I really don’t want to look in the source for the 10.000 px limit and recompile, or use the lensshift myself, I´d appreciate an addon doing that for me from the default build, as I often outsource my render jobs.
The script does not necessarily need to stitch the result, that is just the cherry on top.
I guess I got to do some scripting myself for this one unless someone can quickly patch some lines together :slight_smile:

thanks for all the answeres

@Jonathan 300 dpi would be nice because i want it for my room so view distance is max 3m and normal would be like 1m

… but since I’m not the only one an addon or something would be quite nice
sadly neither know pithon nor the blender API i can’t do that otherwise i would…
If someone here could do that it would be AWESOME!!!

2 solutions

set the “percentage scale for render resolution” (render/dimension) over 100%… but I never tried it

or try this:
this script

can render to n times your original rendersize.
if your render dimensions are 1920x1080 and check “use render dimension” and set multiplier to 8,
this script render 64 image (one for each region)
and, if you have imagemagik installed, join all in one image 15360x8640

I tried it and it works in 2.58 and 2.57.


the script is more safe, with big render, with a lot of objects, textures, not enough memory…, blender crash when save the big image; no crash saving many “normal” or small images

and sorry for my english…

great thanks it works!!!

only problem left is it messes my sky and my compsiting up but i should be able to fix that myself…

Same from me, big thanks.
Both works, crank % over 100 (who would have thought) and the script.
YMMD :slight_smile: