More than 16 texs on a mesh?

I can’t seem to get more than 16 textures on a single mesh, whenever I join a bunch of meshes, if theres more than 16 they get reassigned.
Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Thanks for your input.

the maximum number of material on one mesh is 16
then you have to use two objects for a max of 32 materials
you can parent the 2 objects so they move scale together ect…


Also, it’s possible to use the Material Node system to put any number of textures and materials on to an object - though depending on what you’re doing it can get pretty complicated and it does all have to be done by hand.

Maybe we could help come up with a better overall solution. What are you generally doing when you join that many meshes with that many textures together?

Thanks for your input.
I’m importing meshes from a game, converting them for use in another one. THey import fine, but there’s many pieces, about 20 meshes with maybe 50 textures on them. I intend to export them to ASE format (3DS Max format). Some ASE’s I’ve opened have had over 50 texs assigned to a single mesh.
I guess as a last resort I can make groups of meshes that don’t exceed 16, but it makes it hard later on for me.

I usually model each part as a separate object, and parent each part to a core piece, like as if I was building it.