More than 2 image sequences

I’m trying to get to grips with splitting animations up into bits and compositing them. I have a short animation that I have rendered into four parts; foreground, background, character and character shadow. These are sequences of images with an alpha channel.

In Vegas Video or Adobe Premiere I could just import these one on top of another, in the right order and bam! They’d work.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Blender… I can add an Alpha Over thing in the sequence editor but it’ll only show two layers and I can’t seem to bring image sequences into the nodes compositor.

Am I missing something?

you must click the little movie icon right to the dropdown in the image node, then there will be more frame adjustment options displayed, play around and you’ll see.

and you will need to “add sequence” later in sequence editor and enable “do composite” in render panel.

this could be streamlined, I guess, in future? right now it’s just as much pain in the ass as it’s candy …

Ok, thanks! It worked!

I haven’t used Blenders sequence editor before and I have got access to both Vegas and Premiere so I’ll probably stick with them for now as the process seems a lot easier than adding nodes all over the shop!

sure it worked …

nodes are nodes. they’re slow to set up from scratch, but you can (only) build templates this way.

I hope SEQUENCER stripes get some attention in future, too, because of speed and ease of use for -not-so-highend-everyday-tasks-

for same reason, I hope current (old) simple MATERIAL system doesn’t get kicked out of main app as well.

this is so wierd: I just rewrote the Compositing wiki page for this very reason. lol

Both the sequencer and nodes alpha-over’s only work with two image sources at a time.

In the sequencer you need to add the first two strips, create the alpha-over transition, then select those three strips and make a “meta-strip” of them (strip/Make Meta (m), then bring in your third image strip and process it against the meta strip … and so on.

In the node editor you’d feed the two images into an alpha node, then the output of the alpha node to the input of another alpaha node, with the third image going to the input of the second alpha node … etc etc.


plz see the splicing section just added to the wiki, in hope this helps you. for more than two, just keep replicating the time and input an mix nodes out infinitum. think I should add that as an example???