"More than 250.000 people worldwide user community"

…dut, dut, dah…

the date is in the link you posted.


reading the Headlines but not the Content hey?

i wrote that.

that was the estimate at the time, of ACTIVE and contributing members, not just downloaders.We have, at last estimate, about 2 million downloaders, but we really dont figure that counts for much except bragging rights.

That should answer it:

Blender Documentation Volume I - User Guide: Last modified September 01 2004 S68

I don’t know the exact size of our community is, but I can tell you it’s… over nine thousand!

Sorry, I had to.

Hey thats round double the amount i collected so far of peope datasets on my genealogical research, got my lineage from greatgreatgrandparents to greatgreatgreatparent on one side by email completed - slavik names (Bohemian) never heard off and even not really able to pronounce right now.

Besides, the download figures are for our own servers and mirrors, it doesn’t count the graphicall.org downloads, nor the different *nix-distribution repository downloads.


radial u pwned urself

well anyway 250,000 is a huge number for a program that requires the level of technical knowledge that an advanced 3d package does. Playing in blender is not like playing a guitar (which is an instrument that’s been around for a long time). Its a realateively new fangled kind of instrument so 250,000 means probably 250,000 totally new to 3d people at least, when you consider there were 2 million downloads and that was 4 years ago whoa

i think you guys missed the point. My point was to bring attention to the growth of blender in the recent years. though i didn’t know the exact date of the doc i figured it was two or three years ago. and i get such a friendly response that i vowed never to come back. i really don’t understand the politics of BA.org, :spin::spin:

Nah, I doubt anyone really meant bad, just sometimes text doesnt translate the tone of ‘said’ words much well. :wink:

thanks Felix, your encouraging. :wink: maybe not everyone here is stuck up and more. maybe i’l stick around a bit. cheers