More than one animation in the same .blend file

Hey, is there a way to make more than 1 type of animation in the same .blend file? and also, how do we name the different animations?

Hello kvsingh.

You can create new scenes with the popup menu SCE in the info view header. With this, you can alter the same animation by copying one scene or create different scenes in one .blend file. Have a look at the choices after selecting “Add new” in the popup menu.

To rename the scenes, just click into the text field of the “SCE:” popup menu.

I think this is what you want to know, right?

If by “animations” you mean various character movements, motions, gestures and the like, then using the Action Editor (this is for pre-2.5 – not sure if it’s carried through, though) is a good way to go. Each Action is a set of animations keyframed for a particular Armature or, if you specify it, for Objects as well. Give a completed Action a Fake User so it won’t be deleted when you close the file, then unlink it from the Armature/Object, create a new Action, and so on, thus building up a library of Actions (animations) that you can re-apply when needed, often via the NLA Editor, where Actions can be blended and the Timeline range of an Action can be adjusted to suit current requirements.

Actions can be suitably re-named in the Actions Editor, as well.