More than one location in the engine?


I wanted to get some information on the game engine, what I gather from having used it, especially using sound is, if there is one area where it is seperate from another, so Location A, and then B is inside, just how should that be setup in the engine environment?

Should using a cube to create a skybox for example be used to have one reality in one location and once move out of there, then go into another through some sort of loading screen or just a quick load into another, like a spawn point I guess.


You can use scenes. Create a new scene and put your new location in there. Models from one scene can be shared to another, check the options tab in the 3d view. Most new users use this method but it can be annoying once you get a lot of non level data like pickups, items or enemies all of which need to be shared correctly.

Another way is to set up one scene so anything can be loaded in there from inactive layers. Attach all your level to an empty and put it on an inactive layer. Set a property in globaldict and restart the level. Now add the required empty using code which checks the global dict.

My game “robots of mars” in the finished games section has an example of this method if you want to see it work.

Well the file I have was an edit done by a user on here who assisted me. So I’m just trying something out. I’d need seperate locations.

There is scene 000, 001 in the file as is, it looks werid.

How ever with my idea there is no transfering of enemies, it is just simply wander from one location into another where a player will remain until an event takes place, there is no running or walking backwards and forwards it is all one way. So none of that would apply to my goals.