More than one material on an object in cycles?

I’m aware of UV unwrap and have used it for years, but never really in cycles. Can someone help me out? It’s preventing me from finishing texturing a scene.

What exactly is the problem you have? To apply different materials to different faces, add the materials into material panel and apply them to selected faces in edit mode (when in edit mode, a button appears below materials list that does that).

I don’t know why you would think that, as the process of assigning multiple materials in Cycles works exactly the same way as in BI.

When I add a second material, the whole thing changes, and I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

As has been said, if you know how to use multiple materials in blender internal you know how to add multiple materials in cycles. If you are not getting the result you expect then of course you know the correct thing to do would be to supply a demo blend file that clearly demonstrates the issue. Do that and I’m sure you will get a solution to your problem.


Read…Kesonmis post again…:slight_smile:

You Add the texture but You also need to assign it to where it shall be in the uv-map…Blender do not know where to place it…:slight_smile:


I finally found a tutorial that explained a key thing I was missing: The little plus sign in the material section is kind of important, yet everyone seems to skip over it. Maybe it’s completely obvious to everyone but me? I feel somewhat dumb now.