More than one thousand barrels per second

I heard a book called “A Thousand Barrels a Second” more than 10 years ago, not even read it, I am shocked just thinking of the title.
I tried to imagine what this concept/flow rate looks like when I was a part-time lifeguard at the swimming pool in the university.

This flow rate can fill up a Olympic-size swimming pool within 14 seconds!
24/7 and never stop!

I found that I miscalculated the pipes just after all 6000 frames have rendered! (lesson learnt…)
The flow rate calculation is based on 8 pipes, but I put 10 pipes actually.
But never mind, we will get there soon…

Thanks for blender and so many tutorials / add-ons,
I can find almost all answers/resources from the existing posts on Youtube, blender stack exchange, or this forum.
Finally visualized this thought.

Hope you will like it.
Thank you!

Looks good… nice sim. Just a suggestion… it might be more effective to show 1000 barrels of liquid disappearing down a drain at the bottom of the pool in 1 second… if that’s even possible. I like what you’ve done, so ignore me.

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I like this animation. The animation skills are really good. :ok_hand:

Thank you! Glad you like it.:grinning: