More than Two Displacement Maps but not overlapping?

Hey guys, may i please ask how do i put 2 displacement maps, but one should not be applied on the other displacement map?

I created a displacement map for the web pattern to give it a height (just got it from the curve strokes on the web color)

I wanted to put another displacement map-the hexagon pattern, but the problem is it’s also showing in the web pattern. how do i fix it?

Thanks in advance

One option is to use the Color > MixRGB node like this:

Mask out the parts where you don’t want the texture on.

This is one of the methods, using a math node to control the texture.

Edit: I was beaten by PyBlend to the answer

Can you please show me the complete nodes? i tried color but still the same.

you need a map for the Fac of the MixRGB node.
I used the checker texture in my example.

i used the web’s pattern to be put to the Fac in MixRGB. but then the Web’s displacement is gone. i needed it to be elevated.

That means you need to increase the height (brightness of the texture image) of the web displacement.

Your node setup at the moment is basically using the web texture in the mix node so that its inputs (the hexagon displacement and the web displacement) are mixed together. As the web texture is probably of black and white, it means only one of the maps are used in a part at a time.

Therefore, it looks like you might be able to change the value in the multiply node to be a higher number. That is the input for the web displacement.

I tried upping the multiply of the web but still not getting it.

Maybe try this:

This assumes that the Web is brighter than the mesh(hexagons), if not use the multiply node to dim the mesh(hexagons) a little bit.
Beyond this some texturing tutorials might help, just to get used to the nodes.

is it possible for you to send me this blend file? i’m using 2.79. thanks:grinning:

It procedural and messy but you’re welcome to it.
Web.blend (526.4 KB)

thanks :grinning:

Hi Pyblend. i got the 2 displacement to work. is it normal for it to be not as noticeable when the camera is not near?