More toons: Fly (with guns) UPDATE: New gun, page 2

This character doesn’t have a name yet, but when complete, it’ll be one meeean sucker:

Building this model based on an offhand comment made by author John Ringo.

The hard part (building and rigging the hands) is complete, working on weapons now.

Gun number one, to be in lower left hand:

This is awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

ratatatata bang bang bang

the mini gun is cool

'Twas a fairly simple mesh, too - it took me longer to find good reference pics than it did to model.

I moved the grip to where the forward handle’s supposed to be - it’s a two-handed weapon, but the fly’s supposed to have a different gun in each hand.

i once made suzzane with 2 m-16s, it was funny. but i lost it before i could post it. :frowning: ah well, nice models!

Today, I worked on a DE .50:

[edit: removed image, update below]

wow that desert eagle rox!

Very funny character.

How about giving him a mouth?

nice guns too.


He’s gonna get one, hand drawn likely, though I might make a mesh and take a render to use as a decal. Later, though – doing the guns first :wink:

Worked a bit on the frame, cleaned up the barrel:

[edit: removed wip image to save myself bandwidth… Updated image below]

This is gonna be good :smiley:

lol sweet DE

New update:


Almost done with the easy guns – then on to the hard ones!

nice gun.

very nice, cant wait to see this badass animated.

It wasn’t built with the direct intention of being animated – it’s just far easier to build in a neutral position and then pose later…

I may come up with an animation later on though. We’ll see what my ADD makes me make in the future :slight_smile: (I’m actively working on five wildly different models in various states of realism)

Ok, I’m ready to call this one ‘Good Enough for Government Work’

No more work on the DE. On to the more difficult guns :wink:

After spending some time working on another model, I’m back to working on this one.

FN 240 G Machine Gun WIP:

[edit: image removed to save bandwidth, update below]

nice DE. lets make a toon clash :wink: . my Bot with a pickaxle against your fly with guns :smiley: .