More topology learning

So I want to thank those that helped me with head topology before and was hoping some people could take a look at my current model and perhaps give me some pointers on areas that might be a problem when I start animating. Also, if there are no topology concerns, I’m ready to start with clothing, so if anyone could give me tips on how to model clothing, that’d be great too.


Cartoonman.blend (540 KB)

First thing that caught my attention is the wrist area. There is a hanging bulge that looks like end of sleeve. Are you planning for the bulge to rotate around the arm with hand?

Wrist is a tricky area for the rig; it can rotate at least 180 degrees around.

I like the bulge and would rather not lose it. If I partially propagate the rotation all the way to the elbow somehow (and I don’t know how since I’ve never rigged a model before) would that be sufficient? It seems to me that having the entire forearm rotate some would be more realistic too since that is what happens when I rotate my wrist.

for cloth, everybody think to the cloth simulator. most of the time I suppose.

I guess I need to clarify. When modeling clothing, do I make them as separate objects and retain the underlying geometry of the body or do I replace the geometry of the body with the geometry of the clothing?

I don’t know how to sculpt cloth if there aren’t separate objects. Maybe you want to delete the geo under the cloth for some reason…you can also assign a transparent material to the underlaying surface if you want. That’s just an idea…

So, by sculpt do you mean using the sculpt tool to create clothing?

Of course:rolleyes:

I don’t know if this is what you’re talking about but the best way to rig an arm in respect to proper wrist deformation it’s generally a good idea to deform the forearm bone in to a curved bone. This way you’re able to rotate the hand and wrist without having huge pinching problems at the wrist.

Don’t forget your rotation constraints either!