More tweaking needed?

Working on a few food shaders. All is using the same base.
I started with one and then tweaked it a bit… and a bit more… and a bit more. Right now I have two kinds of cheese, two kind of fries and butter. Will publish all the materials (including node trees) when I’m finished, but I think I have 3-6 more versions before I can call it done :). So far… does it look good or should I tweak or change some of them?
100% Blender (2.8 Cycles) & 100% Procedural

Looks spot on to me. Nice work. By procedural, do you mean no texture paint / sculpting?

Thanks :)!

The only thing done is very simple modeling… mostly tweaking just a cube a little. So, no sculpting… not even on the butter. It’s just shader node displacement as you can see of the image below.