more valentines day stuff

I’m sure you’re all sick of this stuff, but here’s a simple rose I modelled for my girlfriend’s card. I hadn’t done anything in blender for quite a while, so it was fun to get back to it.
Feel free to use it if you so desire.


It would be a great tulip if it had different leaves. No offence, the blossom just does not look like a rose to me. And you forgot about the gravity. The vase would fall down. However the image has nice atmosphere.

you are so right, tlustoch. :expressionless: …just imagine that the vase has a very heavy bottom. or it is screwed to the table. thats the joy of cg though! gravity doesnt count. hehe. i know nothing about flowers, so it looked like a rose to me… well, maybe i will to better next year. :smiley: