More Vertex Painting

I am loving this feature even more :smiley:

Give me feedback. Good, bad, or other.



nice… kinda like the design of this one a little better than the last. getting a cast of aliens together? if so you on the right track. if not you should… would be very interesting!

Thanks. Yeah, the last one wasn’t that great. I didn’t put any eyes in it or go ther extra steps needed to make it look better.

I am rigging this head right now. Hopefully show a posed image later, or maybe even a short anim.


waay cool,i havent played with that aspect of blender…
after seeing your alien i think ill give it a whirl!
nice work!!!


Really cool :slight_smile:


Very cool job on this one.

I really like the color scheme… very “alien.” I also like the fact that the coloring seems filled with detail. Very good effect, makes it seem all the more real.

Thanks for showing. Hope w’ll see more.