More Video Tutorials

Hey guys I’m new just signed up…

I found this website a while ago it has some really good tutorials on it :slight_smile:



The university that these tutorials are from offers a blender course how good would that be :smiley:


Sadly this link has moved to the 3rd page here in the tutorials section. In my opinion it should be a sticky. Not to disparage any of the other great tutorials in this particular forum, but Neal’s tutorials are a great all-encompassing package for the “beginning” blender artist.

The very first thing I did was go through every video and pdf and I’m glad I did.

Also,, has Neal’s tutorials in a nice little syllabus type format. Very handy.

These are a great help for the beginner, very basic but just whats needed for those new to blender 3d. In about a month of starting Blender with these tutorials I got further in 3d creation than a few months of trial and error in Maya!


Thanks for sharing, I am newbie in blender and 3d grahics actually, this will help me a lot to learn at a faster pace…