More Wine :]

All the Wine is gone… so… More Wine Please!!! (my latest work in Blender). I know the wine material looks more like a olive, but I’ll try to improve :). The glass was rendered in Lux and the wine in Blender internal. Everything was put together in AAE. I hope u like it :).


The green things are wine? lol I cant tell. The cup looks great.

The green things are grapes, used in the MAKING of wine. Just to clarify for him :wink:

I must say, the mixture of realistic rendering (for the glass) and cartoon rendering is quite pleasing to the eye :slight_smile:

very nice, I like the idea.

Ahhh yeah… Cant believe I didn’t catch that.

I believe the reason he Identified it as wine is because of the language barrier i’m afraid. Afterall, many languages don’t distinguish the end product from the material used to make it. (Wine in Italian, for example, is Vino. Vine in Italian is, Vino.)

nice cup & good matrial

Grapes or Wine it still looks nice

Thank you. And I’m sorry my English isn’t that good. In Czech it’s also Vino, so that’s what confused me :slight_smile:

I give you an A- for the render, and a C- for language skills :smiley:

Great work, simple yet brilliant. 5 stars from me, Kocur (bytheway. Kocur - does it mean something like a kitten?).

Aswell 5 stars from me…The Grapes have realy good expressions on ther faces !!!

Amazing idea! I think grapes make as you made is really effective…congratulations!

super 5 stars from me, The expressions on the grape add such a nice touch

Andreu: C- for my language skills? I think I deserve an E :D. Btw thanks, I really apreciate it!
rozmiarek: Thank you! Kocour means a cat. My surname is Kocourek, that means a kitten… People in Czech Republic make fun of me all the time :smiley:
bahamapascal: Thank you, I’m glad you like them :slight_smile:
trimondi: Thanks for your support :slight_smile:
tyrant monkey: Thank you, p.s. I like your drawings a lot! :slight_smile:

Kocour - I’m from Poland and Kocour means pretty the same. Cool nickname!

You’re alright, dude :smiley: Good job, btw.

If I were a grape I would be terrified of wine glasses.
Seems like they would be natural enemies.
Also barrels and bottles.

Great render. I love the expressions on their faces.
I’d like to see another version with little ninja grapes coming to kill the wine glass… just a thought.

In romanian language wine=vin and graphes=struguri. Romanian wine it is the greatests of all wines with losts of international medals. :wink: Nice image!

The glass is pretty nice work!
Compared with the glass, the bean seems like a little humdrum! No offense!