More Yafray! Woohoo!

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I have a question though… why do I have strange circle grids there on the walls? Is there any solution for that weird occurence?

Looks nice. I haven’t used Yafray yet (I’m living in the past), so I can’t help you with the circle thingy.

I haven’t used Yafray yet too. But i think, oyu’ve set too low value of some importatn parameter. Do some tweaking :wink:

You used photonlight, didn’t you? Well those grids are the photonmap, this happens when you:

a) Set a low search number, try 100 or 200
b) Set a low radius, try 10*cluster

Nice work DM7!

Yeah, do what jandro suggests and all will be fine. You can also check out S68’s thread in the WIP forum, (I think), as there is much discussion on yafray caustics going on there. Some very good pointers.

Caustics in yafray are my next challenge.


you need to increase your “fixedradius” for the photonlight by 20-40%

More monkeys! You would think people would be bored by now… :Z :Z :Z

Ok, ok, you’ve dragged it out of me, I don’t use Yafray either…

But good render.
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I began with yafray and i am not very good
who can give me a good tutorial

Logik_Guy 8)