More Yafray

:expressionless: Is it just the quality of the JPG or is it something in Yafray that there is a lot of grain in the picture.
OK, the raytracing looks good but not sharp, or am i wrong?

Very nice. It seems that a lot of people are not using the anti-noise filter option. That is where the grain is coming from.


I dont use antinoise filter… maybe sometimes… it’s not always needed.
I think, that noise is because enos shenk used only hemilight, and not enough power… add a spot, and voilá :slight_smile: or, crank up some more hemi.


Remind me not to get on your bad side…

That knife looks lethal!

I kind of dig the noise. Ive always felt my style in straight blender leaves me with too much clarity, so im glad to finally counteract it a bit.

i dig the noise too! adds a realism touch to a picture… id like to see the knife a bit more high poly so those reflections would be smooth, but otherwise u did a great job with modeling. and lighting

yep… I normally add noise too to my images in post productions… but still, you are not using enough light. now the noise looks like it’s accident. … or something. I dont know… looks like somthing, that comes from my video camera, when I’m shooting in a place where there is not enough light… you know…
it’s a nice effect, but too much, is too much.