MoreDread's sculpting thread

i’ve been practicing sculpting heads recently, thought i’d make a thread to get some crits or maybe share what i’ve learned with others.

here are some pics of the model i started today, trying to get away from all the generic heads and making a really old guy this time… roughly 3-4 hours of work, no hair yet.

This is extremely good. Nice sense of weight around his face with all the wrinkles. You nailed the details on his face. His neck (from the side on image) looks a bit weird to me, but maybe thats just lighting or something. Did you model the base mesh from scratch?


yea i didn’t worry too much about the neck (and shoulders) or the back of the head yet.
if you take a closer look you can see a shamelessly careless repitition in the details and such.
i’ll add some hair on top of these parts anyway so they won’t be seen later on.

yes i made the basemesh myself… using a rather quick and dirty approach. i still create a new one from scratch for every sculpt i make to experiment with topology and establish a better workflow.

it will also be retopoed and textured later on as a game model.

EDIT: removed an irrelevant older pic

Looks great, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

heres an update with SSS and some compositing done.

still need to work a little more on the hair particles and create some actual textures and materials for the eyes… no eyelashes yet and neck muscles need some tweaking.

some progress:

i’m not too happy with the way AO affects the eyelashes, the shape of the eyebrows and the lack of texture resolution on the nose

EDIT: removed an irrelevant older pic a link to a ShowWebGL version of the female model.
basic texturing, no spec or normal maps are possible yet.


for a version with normal map and spec map… it also allows you to see the wireframe in quads.

some improvements on my current generic female exercise.
mainly changed the mouth and muscles around it, as well as the brows.

Looks like you could use a little advice on particles. First, have them more narrow at the tips, second, have them have a blend texture for alpha and color, more transparent towards the tips, darker towards the roots.

thx for your reply, i have actually done all these things in the most recent render of oldgeezer and i think it looks allright, except on the brows… they look terrible. i’ll try to increase all those parameters a little and see if it helps… i’m pretty sure i’ll have to redo the eyebrows tho.

i had narrower particles before but it just looks odd… hairs don’t really get thinner at the tips if you take a closer look at real ones. right now they go from 1.2 to 1.1 and the alpha fades out at the tips.
that bit really does make them look alot better even tho real hair doesn’t do that, either.

Could you post the blend?

theoretically yes, but it’s gonna take a lil while.
first of all because i’m at work right now… and then i’d like to tweak it a little first and optimize it because the filesize is rather large…
additionally i’m kinda busy because our game development studio just released a trailer and we have to deal with some PR mumbo jumbo… so it might take a couple of days until i get to it.

here is a quick speedsculpt… roughly 2 hours of work:

and a venetian beak mask thingy:

i was quite happy with the speedsculpt and figured it was probably good enough to take it to the next level

the razor stubble looks like it is floating just above the skin
the thing about razor stubble is that you see a bit of the origin going into the skin through a slightly transparent outer skin layer
can that be done? can you make the skin slightly see-through and embed the origin of the stubble slightly below the surface layer?
is that a thing?

it would help me to know approximately how large a file size is generated by the initial sculpt

well thats a good question… i have wondered about that, too.

i’d say your best bet would be to duplicate the model and slightly scale it inwards along the normals, then adding hair particles to that instead of the model you’re actually going to render und applying an invisible material to the duplicate model.
i don’t think having a translucent skin is a very good idea.
but SSS might allow you to see some of the origin through the skin because it should create a sort of ‘internal shadow’
i have actually done this for my old geezer, but i suppose the SSS is to weak and the duplicated model isn’t scaled in enough for it to be noticeable.
i’m trying to be subtle with SSS but now i’m thinking it might be better to increases it quite a bit, but add an actual modeled skull inside the head to prevent it from affecting the parts of the head that should be bony.

i’ll do a quick test once i get back home from work and post a close up shot.

about the filesize… well it depends on the amount of quads you’re using obviously… on the higher end it can reach about 50-150mb for a single model.

i think the old geezer uses up ~40mb atm, but i’m getting all the detail i need. just one subdiv higher and it would probably be at ~160mb tho.
using a low poly + subdivision + displacement map you can shrink it down to something smaller than 5mb

did a quick test but the results were horrible, so no close up shots.
it turns out that SSS alone is definitely NOT enough to get the desired result… combining it with translucency worked… sort of…
however i never managed to get it to look right.

after a couple more frustrating render tests (i suck at this) i decided to do something i feel more comfortable with: