Morfa & Kostek

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to introduce these two little characters I did for my engineer’s thesis. These are Kostek (boy) and Morfa (girl). They are twins.

It’s done in Blender and rendered in Blender Internal.

Hope you’ll like it:).

I like, especially the facial expression…

I like them too, the colors are nice, and the poses appealing. My only concern is that the meshes look identical, I think the girl needs some work to be different, eyelashes, eyebrows and nose could all be tweaked slightly to remove the masculinity.

Great work though and a nice render. Thx 4 sharing. like, especially the facial expression…

Yes, they are identical. I think you’e right, girl should have more woman’s attributes like longer eyelashes etc. I think it won’t be difficult to achieve.

In the meantime, these are both models front and side. And I know they still don’t look perfect and I don’t know why. Help:)