Morgue model for commercial project

I’m currently working on a television ad warning teenagers about the dangers of drinking and driving, and I need some expert assistance in modeling a complete interior of a morgue. I’ve already visited the coroner’s office in my area and taken some pictures that can be used as references. The pictures can be found here:

No texturing or shading needs to be done, I just need the meshes. I’m then going to apply a color treatment very similar to the one I did for this movie 2 weeks ago:

I’m not getting payed for this project because it’s a community service project, so everything is coming out of my pocket. I don’t want to prematurely ask for someone to do this for free, because I don’t know how hard this might be for somebody who’s more familiar with this type of work. But anything to allay an already expensive project will be greatly appreciated.


David Karlak

That’s a very fascinating animation, was that done in blender? I see what you mean about the color technique… was it done with colored lights?

The color treatment was done in Adobe After Effetcs using a variety of gradient maps. The movie was in b&w before I did any work on it.

The animation was done in 3ds.

Whoah! I love it. Great example of an ass load of really simple stuff put togather in an interesting way. I dig the light, music, fly… the whole bit. ooh! awsome camera work as well! Very clever!

I just watched your ‘fly’-clip - beautiful! Nice concept and great use of colours. And I love this ‘pumping’ effect in the beginning.

What is it exactly that you need? Polygonal meshes? Will the animation be done in 3DS again? I’m asking because I’m not sure if Blender’s SubSurf meshes look the same if they are subsurfed by 3DS.

really great use of colors !

and really goooooooooood concept !

one thing =======> u could have done it in blender no ?


Wow, you work for nakd? Impressive! I’m sure I’ve seen that fly clip before somewhere, but just can’t put my finger on it… It wasn’t shown as part of the onedotzero festival was it?

Looking forward to seeing the project.

Really cool movie! I also liked the monster one
So you need ppl to make these meshes for you and you use them to make stuff like that, AWESOME!
I would love to help, just pm or email me

This project is completely independent from Nakd, and I’m funding the entire thing myself. A close family member of mine was killed by a drunk driver a year ago, and this ad – which will be broadcasted on TV – will be in observance of anyone who has been harmed by a drunk driver.

The 3D aspect for this project is the only thing impeding further production. I was told that the Blender community is very friendly and all of your posts have more than reaffirmed this. I will contact anyone interested in helping me out promptly with more details. If more people want to pitch in, the workload can shared and the project will gear up and advance more quickly.


The soundtrack has just been finalized. It can be found here:

Fly was amazing. Beautifully done, great soundtrack, camera work and choreography.

I had a look at the pictures. I’d be willing to help, but am still at the bottom of a steep learning curve with Blender - so could do some simple stuff probably - if that would help?

I love fly. The mourge pics are a bit creepy. I can seem some of the wizes here doing them quite quickly though, but I’m afraid I far from fall into that category.

UPDATE: The lamps have been modeled. The only things left are the operation tables, and the cabinets.

Thank you OOPz =)

Sorry I cant really help here - I dont think stylized giant robots can help with a mourge scene.

That fly video was amazing, and I must ask if you did the music for fly/this new commercial yourself? The music sounds incredibly nice, and I cant wait to see how you will sync it inside the mourge video.

I actually do have an incredibly skilled friend in lightwave who I will contact to see if he is willing to help with this stuff though, it sounds like it might interest him.

Thank you very much. The music for the fly movie was made by Plastiq Phantom. He created the song using samples from an insect that entered his studio.

The song for the morgue video was made by Chris Clark.

I did the anatomy cart thing a bucket a table and another thing.

I did the cupboard too. I couldnt see more details on the photo. So if you need more details you say it. Do you need this bathing thing too?

Wow, that is absolutely amazing.

E-mail me your cantact info to [email protected] so I can officially add you to the production team in order to give you credit and send you the full-res version of the video when it’s done.

And the bathing you speak of is already being modeled.

Thanks again!,

David Karlak