Mormon - acting animation study

Hey, guys. :slight_smile:

This is the results of my studies with Keith Lango on his Animation Personal Trainer program. The audio is from a Samuel L. Jackson line in the movie The Long Kiss Goodnight. The rig is Mancandy, with some custom modifications by myself.

You can watch it on Vimeo or download a higher resolution quicktime. (plays nicely on VLC)

If you want to know a bit more on the APT program, there is a FAQ on it and I also wrote a little about my impressions on my blog.

Virgilio, saw this on your blog. I think you have one of the best mod of Mancandy I’ve ever seen :smiley:

The anim looks wonderful, and I know Keith can do wonders :wink:

Looking forward to see some other piece.


Hey, Gian! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your comments and for visiting my blog! Yeah… and Keith is “tha man”! :smiley:

I have to say I really like your works too. That one in your avatar, with that Hannibal Lecter line is simply awesome. :slight_smile:

Very nice work, your website has some great pieces on it. Keep it up!

heh, I hate how mancandy usually looks, but I love this one, with a simple change he looks so sympathic suddenly! :slight_smile:

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nice , but the animation get’s changed suddenly in some specific time intervals …

There were some parts where it was a little snappy, but I find these easy to overlook. Altogether that’s fantastic work.