Morning Breakfast - WIP

He is a interior scene i am working on. This is obviously a WIP and a preview render rendered at very low samples. Definitely a long ways to go but just thought i would post it and see what people think thus far. I wanted to capture that morning feel of the sun rising through the trees onto your morning meal. I obviously again have to still add the meal and table and a lot more. But let me know what you think so far! Thanks! And thanks to Andrew Price’s Architecture Starter Pack for all the great textures!

Table and other minor improvements. Still rendering at very low sample rate, and with modified glass shaders it adds quite a bit of noise, but nothing um-manageable. This is my first attempt at something close to interior ArchViz.

Tried adding a cutting board with knife and some tomatoes. Let me know what you think! Any advice is helpful as this is my first interior scene in blender

Adjusted the fruit and used reference to model and unwrap some different types of fruit.

Wasn’t liking the angle and how it was turning out so tried a new angle and like it a lot more!

and if anyone might know what might be causing that weird yellow artifact on the window let me know or otherwise i’ll remove it in post.