morning has broken

blender 2.71
cycles render 1500 samples
Blender compositor and some PS cs4 finishing touches

based on a recent work (that one with the mouse on it) did some volumetric experiments instead of relying on externally edited post pro work. I wanted an old masters effect thus played with light and shadows known as chiaroscuro.

hope y’all like it,

critics very much welcome

That is really fantastic. I don’t know why but I amost prefer it to the one with the mouse (which was already awesome).
I think seeing this animated would be orgasmic!

My sir, that is a very nice image ya got there. It looks very stylized. I’d suggest some edits to the tomato material and less pronounced bokeh for the illuminated dust particles. Also, maybe a bit more cemented color palette. Nice job!

it would… that would definitely be on a timetable. thanks elbriga

will be taking this suggestion with respect and under advisement! thank you so much Ben. cheers