Morning in the garden

Latest personal project, blender 2.9, e-cycles


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Wow! Could you tell us more about those assets?


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How’d you achieve such realistic nature?

Bright and uplifting, Nice!

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Hi, my PC at home is “quite old” and not so powerful, so I wouldn’t take it as a reference; GTX 1060, 16 gb ram, rendered on CPU, hour and a half each render.

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@C_G Sure, seating furniture is from Chocofur, trees and plants are a combination of botaniq, 3D Shaker models and grass scapes from TerraScape. Grass is made with Graswald.

@BlenderSplendor good models are the key, I guess, I commented above where I got them.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re #featured! :tada:

Such a beautiful mini project. So refreshing. If I may suggest somethings? Maybe the sitting area with furniture and pillows a little too cold. I would warm it up a little. :heart::heart::heart:

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Thanks! :smiley:

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great work!

Absolutely beautiful and a very natural look. I can almost smell the scent of the lavender! The lawn needs mowing though…

Amazing results! One of the best archviz renders made in Blender, congrats!
There’s only one thing that is an error but it’s not so important: fibre on the wood beam should be in one direction.

Can you tell something about your light setup and post production? I’m also using botaniq models but on your renders they much better, my models are always dim, has no reflections on leaves. I use HDRi with Sun, the background image is added in post production. I don’t know how you turn up overall brightness of the scene without burning whites.

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It needs some transcluency and SSS. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@jacek007g Thanks! Trees in background are mostly from 3D Shaker, they are more detailed and give better results. I used HDRI only for background, sun comes from new Nishita sky texture with increased sun size for smoother shadows; I think I even changed air and ozone value the way I liked it and I also tweaked exposure values. Postproduction was made slightly in Lightroom, just tweaked highlights and shadows, vibrance, saturation etc

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