Morning light (realiism study)

Hey guys this is a part of a scene I have been working on tried to push the realism as far as i can :smiley: and I’m satisfied with the result though it’s not like other realism renders I usually see so please if you have any thoughts or critic to improve it I would be thankful


Very clean, very good render. I can only see one problem that sort of breaks the realism for me. The bump mapping on the floor is a bit too strong. Tone it down a bit, and you’ve got yourself an amazing work of art. Keep up the good work.:cool:

maybe i’m wrong but i realy think that morning light is more into the reds and less into the bleu gamma.
did you use some film type inside blender (kodak / agfa etc) ?, i’m not a fan of that for this goal.
It looks a bit vintage now, like an old postcard, unless ofcourse you had that in mind.