Morning melody

Hi all.:slight_smile:
Made in Blender 2.60 + Cycles.

Great render! How did you make such a nice wireframe? 5* from me!

Wonderful! I want to take the guitar, sit down there and play. :slight_smile:

Good topology also.

very nice scene + render!

and wine for breakfast, thats what we like to see :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing render! I love to see blender used for such great artwork! 5*s!

Nice … looks photorealistic!!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

wow nice work, lighting and textures, very good congratulations

Beautiful image. No crits at all. 5 stars from here

Very nicely done!

Yep, shes a beaut. 5 star no doubter.

very n1ce!!

very clean, nice one :slight_smile:

nice render cycles.

As an artist, beautiful render! As a guitarist, stunning work! As a Cycles fan, EPIC!! :evilgrin:

Only crit would be the black pixels visible on the lampshade and wallpaper. Easy to fix in GIMP. But still, this is amazing work :slight_smile:

very good… cycles makes the difference in a good artist hand.

like it, great scene…and thanks for using the script…this way I have found it lol!

Awesome 5 stars!!

Actually, when a virtual guitar is beautiful enough to make me want to play as soon as I see it, I guess it’s a pretty good image. But this one is simply amazing, good job :slight_smile:

Thanks to all!