Morning Milk!

Here is one of my renders which I found in my lose folders.
So anyways I`m waiting for some critiques if you guy want so ^^

Correct me if I’m wrong but your texture resolution is all over the place. I think you need to replace some textures with higher-res versions. Otherwise, looks decent, not sure if there is enough SSS on the milk though.

You should definitly have some work on the lighting. It’s a bit boring right now. Add a very bright, orange sunlight and maybe some interesting looking shadows…

Yes that`s true, I agree that the texture rez is quite low ^^
And you are right Julian I think I should add some interest to the scene…
hmmm… anyways guys thank you for responses :slight_smile:
and critiques

Hmm, looks pretty good but the texture on the caps is either too overblown or just shouldn’t be there. It’s giving the impression of cast iron. =D