Morning Sculpt (updated with new work)

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Hey everyone, I just got zbrush 2 days ago and have been learning the program. Heres what I came up with, this is my third sculpt using zbrush and Ive got to say…its awesome! A little weird at first but after making a few spheres your good to go. I rendered this in blender with cycles, and got a pretty interesting shader going on based off of the red wax matcap in zbrush (couldnt figure out render settings so sent it to blender). If you want a screen shot of the node setup let me know, you’ll be surprised at how basic it is haha. Im pretty stoked about this sculpt, best one I’ve made so far I think.

Not too shabby for just getting the program eh? Heres a timelapse video I created with one of the features within zbrush. Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!

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Some more renders with cycles, sculpted in zbrush but used basic brushes that blender dyna branch has

Im going to do at least 1 sculpt a day for practice, heres another timelapse of the most recent sculpt done today. If you see any areas where I can use a better technique or a way of doing something feel free to let me know, I could use some fresh eyes haha. thanks for viewing!

Oh, and heres the screenshot of the shader I used for the ‘red wax’ ish effect, you can make them more complex to get a better look by adding some other shaders and tweaking settings

Set up a sun light over the target and 2 emissions, one on both side. Also add a backlight as well, just turn off camera and shadows in the ray visibility options

This guy was created with the flexrig from (thanks dudes!) as a base mesh (tweaked a bunch of settings), rendered with cycles. Couldnt figure out how to export the rig with the mesh so re-rigged it and posed.

This one was created from a sphere using dynamesh in Zbrush, exported to blender for some good ole cycles rendering then did some post in photoshop. Theres a timelapse incase your interested, this guy was tough to get the proportions looking right.

And heres a sculpt I did today, I box modeled the character in blender then sculpted in zbrush. exported to blender for cycles. His name is Magwai, and yes…he bites! Also attached the timelapse, starts off after I already box modeled the character (did that about a week ago). Thanks for viewing

nice collection of sculpts, you get a quick grasp of zbrush, i see you found already the essential goodies :slight_smile: … this is also what i do, model in zbrush (or refine a sculpt that started in blender in zbrush) and then render in cycles… cycles is far superior than the renderer in zbrush, plus in blender you can see where you put your lights. this guesswork you need to do in zbrush with the lights is one of the weakest parts of this wonderful program…

Thanks man, its been fun learning zbrush, everytime I open it up I discover something new and awesome haha. The one thing it lacks though is the amount of tutorials on specific topics! For the life of me I cant find a proper tutorial on lighting/rendering and its driving me crazy because I see some pretty cool results on different forums, but I do love cycles. Its quick and easy, lets you get what you want without having to scratch your head over the 8billion+ buttons like bpr in zbrush haha. Ive gone ahead and rigged’n’posed the goblin to give him some character. Might go back into zbrush and smooth some things out that I was having a hard time with weight painting. Is there any type websites for zbrush?

Nice work. I like the warrior. I have never been able to get my ZB models into Blender. Do you do anything special to bring your ZB sculpts into Blender?

One of the things zbrush does very well (and blender just can’t), is to rebuild subs.
And the “project” (shrinkwrap) is much superior.
I’m not sure if you faced an issue with normal maps already.
ZBrush exports N_maps flipped vertically. If you try to fix it after input in blender, this destroys tangent space. So it may looks working but it’s wrong. If you know a workaround, please inform me.

took some time off during the holidays, time to get back on track!

paintguy, go to your tools panel and right click the mesh that you want to export, select export on the menu that pops up and export as .obj, when you import into blender you should be good to go!

michalis, I havent tried exporting normals yet but Ive got a whole list of tutorials Im gonna watch tomorrow to see how I can bake out maps (from poly paint etc.) then upload to blender for the render. Ill let you know if I can find a workaround for the flipped normals though.

I see that hard work ! Great !!!

hey thanks man, Ive been working at it night and day almost so I can get a decent demoreel/portfolio together in hopes of employment haha. I did 2 sculpts today, both were quick concepts of some things I had floating around my mind. This one is a hermit character that I thought might be cool for a game

and this one is of a sea creature type humanoid thing, not sure where I was goin but it ended up kind of cool haha

Thanks for viewing, any tips or comments are appreciated! I’ll post another batch of sculpts in the next few days

Omg I want to see more…Your a damn freak :smiley:

I love it!