Morning snack.

After taking a long break from blender, I though I would start with something simple.

A cup of coffee, a spoon, crackers, a saucer, and cheese (Very random isn’t it?).

The cup turned out differently than I wanted it to originally, but I ended up liking it. At the moment I need to work on the cracker texture.

Wow, thats a really interesting cup you’ve got there! I like it, though it doesnt seem to be able to keep the coffee in. Can you explain how you made it?

I like the texture on the cheese (even though its not very cheesy), and the overal scene looks good to me. Keep up the good work

mmmmm… cheese… although it does look like a yellow rock
i sugest maybe making the cup, glass and fill up those holes even if the topoligy says it can hold in liquids my eyes don’t and in a picture it is not what is real but what looks real.(that may not have made a whole lot of sence but i cant be bothered to word it correctly)


Thanks for the replies.

If I remember this right, I made the cup from an Uvsphere. I took roughly half of the sphere, then scaled and moved the vertices to the proper place.
The I selected all of the vertices, and extruded them (Individual faces).
With subsurfing on, it rounded the extrudes to a bubbly-like shape.

Anyways, I patched the holes. Seems that one or two of the holes wouldn’t patch correctly though.

oh, thats cheese.
funky lookin’ cup, keep at it and you will get a lot better