Morning Star

This would be my second Blender render. I might post my first another time.

This started out with me just messing around and trying to figure the program out (as usual) and then I made a neat looking spikey ball. After applying a metcallic surface to it, I thought it be cool if I went all out and turned it into an intimdating and painful looking weapon. Figuring out how to make the chains the shape they are was probably the hardest part, but they look pretty good.

I’m just starting out with the program so don’t expect anything mind-blowing from me for a while. I just liked how this turned out.

its beautiful, good work

The chain looks really awesome, but the spikes have weird reflections. I guess its just the stick. anyways, good job!

Nice. I love the work with the chains.

Thank you very much :]

Yeah I had always had a feeling there was something wrong with the spikes. The reflections you see might be the other spikes, and I have sort of not liked that from the beginning. I’m making new ones from scratch right now and I’ll replace it when it’s done.

Thanks a lot. The chains are my favorite part as well. I also like the top part of the handle. I didn’t really know what a weapon like this actually looked like, so I think that works out alright.

2nd blender render? wow. if you do you have any idea on how to texture well? because some rust (blood maybe?) and an environment (nothing much, I’m thinking a slat wood table , and maybe a little bit of cobble stone wall in the backrgound) would make a finished project worth a full year or two of blender.

You’re just starting out?? Well, that’s a good start for sure.
You obviously spent some time on your materials.
Oh, by the way, this type of weapon is called a morning star :).

I don’t really know how to texture very well, but I did figure out how to at least do it. I was going for more of a “new” look of this thing, rather than a used and dirty one. I am just guessing at what a modern one would look like if they still made them (which I don’t know they still might.) Of course it would be a nice challenge to make it more detailed with textures and some wear and tear for another time. Thanks for the ideas :]

I’ve been messing around with Blender for a couple months on and off, but recently I took the “Noob to Pro” Wikibook and that really got me going. But thanks though, I’m happy with it. As for the materials, it was mostly just the same one but with slightly different tones of gray and more or less mirror.

Oh but THANK YOU! I knew that it wasn’t called a mace because I looked on Google images to see what it looked like, but there were very few. I tried to remember back to my Diablo playing days for what it was actually called, but couldn’t remember. So thanks, everything is renamed now :smiley: