Morning tea!

Yesterday made this artwork, What can I do to make fell less empty?


You can either:
A) Add more objects
B) Crop your image to the mug

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Mountain images as plane counts as objects right?

Yeah that could work if the lighting and perspective match up

Maybe I can use displacement map? Will it work?

The sun is quite high. It would look better if you lower it half from the table level. Just my 2 cents.

Actually I was using blenders new sky texture. And it comes with only Z rotation… Any idea how I can rotate it in other axis?

I don’t know maybe. I haven’t tried it though. You should worry about the image’s perspective more than anything.

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Not sure, but if the texture won’t rotate, why not rotate everything else? I suppose it’s not how it is meant to work, but I assume that you are using a more recent version of Blender than I am (2.82) and I can’t necessarily use it the same way.

I think I should do that until they update the Sky Texture node.

I totally agree with you!!

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Maybe a batch of cookies.

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Nice idea, Thanks alot.

Chocolate chip cookies! :cookie:

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Yep… I’m working on it. Final render will be there soon… <3