Morning Tea

Scene I’m working on. Would like to hear some thoughts on it.

Pretty good! If defiantly has a surreal look to it though. That lighting is quite good!

the candy balls in the jar look too tidyly stacked. the sugar cubes need a rougher surface. other than that, fantastic! i love the lightning and mood. composition is quiet and peaceful, great.

Looks nice ! I personally would prefer a higher contrast and more sharpness like this:

Have you modified the camera FOV ? The angle looks a bit unnatural to me. And add bevel to the sugar :smiley:
But otherwise, very good, go on !

The FOV looks like any other wide angle lense to me. But the Picture could really gain a thing from using a longer focal length and moving back a bit (not much), but I think that’s a question of taste.

I agree to the strange stacking of candy (although it could be like that in RL). A tiny Bit of Bevel on the suger won’t hurt and the only odd thing left is the vase with the flowers. The flowers are okay, but the vase… you barly notice water beeing in there - could be solved by moving the vase a bit to the left so the water displays a reflextion of the window on it’s surface (or just fake it).

But otherwise - good job!

I disagree about the sugar cube bevel. I’ve seen very sharp-edged sugar cubes mostly. Like these.

I always ask when I see wood in these images: is that procedural or a texture map? If it’s procedural, can you share the node setup?

Yeah I didn’t say you have to bevel the shit out of them, but give them short of a light light irregularity…

I agree with the sugar cubes and candies. Also, you can try and add more roses to the vase and not making them so straight. I love the lighting! You even captured the steam from the teacup. :smiley: Good job!

Superb! Maybe the green on the roses is a bit too light, i think it would be better a darker green.

Good! I would focus the scene little more on the table and less on the background; the lighting it’s interesting but the roses need more work…

Really nice render - all that’s missing is some reflection (with fresnel) on the ceramics

Beautiful render :smiley:

I’d echo the sentiments about the roses. They seem a little floaty, and maybe a little too translucent. And the vase they’re sitting in is a little too thin. I like the mint leaves on the plate though, and the shadow play is really nice. Overall a beautiful scene!

I really like the steam and the warm lighting, great job.
On the roses i think a little variation on the rosebud could help and maybe give that magazine a little bend on the edge.
And i dont know why but the clock looks a little bit flat to me. Just my opinion, great work.