MORPG determent newbie

So your looking to flame my thread aye? “a other newbie whom cant even spell MMORPG!?? GRAHH you gonna GET FLAMED!”. Well go ahead if u feel like u want to, it only gets me going even more. ^^ Anyhow I just needed a break from my goal to make a multi player online role playing game… :slight_smile:

If you have doubt’s in me you can read bellow otherwise skip to the idea part ^^
So few facts of me:
*Found out about blender thnx to BBB and Yofrankie, I got all exited like felt the pulse raise flung my self on the phone to call my brother. Coz we always done games on the paper and planed how to do computergames :smiley: I could barley speak when he answered I where like: “game, possible, BLENDER!” and after cooling my self down a few minutes I started to explain in a bit better way. He got all thrilled also but sins he got a work and a GF (they are now married, con gratz) he had to pass… ;(
*I’m a student, 3 years left until I graduate (hopefully) as a civil engineer.
*I’m a really stubborn baster

It has now gone something like 6months months sins I found out about blender and started the mission to make a MORPG, ultimate goal would be MMORPG. So for 6motnhs I have used blender almost every day. Up until now I have read a few thousand pages of text and seen and made so many tutorials, actually got 3 CG books that I’m reading close to me atm (2 blender books ^^ ). I done a Swedish blender university education also. And after the summer I’m also taking a animation class on a other university whom normally use 3ds max but I talked to them and I can use blender \o/.

Idea part (making this very short so you just get a main idea).
*Time period - in about 3 years I want to have a server up which some ppl can connect to this will be a really small universe and might function as a alpha test.
*Idea - I’m going to make a game where ppl can lose about everything that they are wearing in pvp, ^^ this calls for player crafted items. I got some maps and monster drawn out. I actually started modeling the first monster yesterday (really happy for this was a goal I had set up). Will exist close combat range and magic and hybrids of that. Will be PvP areas.
* If I ever get past alpha test this will come later ^^ going to be free to play. Inside the game you can buy stuff for real cash to get access to for example more areas, some special outfits, have not decided if you can buy armor and weapons.
*How will this be done? When I started out 6months ago main idea was to get to know blender kinda good so that when I wanted to do something for the game I where like: I know this or I seen this here so lets look it up again. Many things I will look up while making the game.

To do list:
Finsh the 3 books I’m reading.
Do a some BGE tut’s.
Learn python. (I have done some courses in c++ so hoppfully around half a year will be enough to learn enough python and then use the “learn while doing”)
And learn more about rigging.

I’m going to drop updates every now and then ^^

So any thoughts on game model? whom think I will make it to alpha test? who don’t? :smiley:

Well, you seem a lot a better qualified than most newbs around here lolz.

Personally if everything you said is true, than you may have a good chance of getting to a alpha stage!!

I’ve been working on my game for about 6-8 months now, and I’m about to hit a alpha test on it!:evilgrin:

I would be glad to help you, if you would want it, when I can.

Like when i need a break from my game lolz…:stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forums. You seem like you have a LITTLE more common sense than most noobs. Well done.


First off… what’s a “MORPG”? Massively Online RPG? But not multiplayer? Without multiplayer, isn’t it just an RPG?

Second, what’s the point of this post? You need more than a general idea to make a game… and all this is telling us is “I’m new, I found out about Blender, and I’m going to learn it so goooood!” Is it really a work in progress? Your learning process definitely is, but that’s not what this forum is for…

I understand you’re excited about Blender and how awesome it looks… and I’m glad you’ve decided that your timeline is going to be “3 years” as opposed to the usual noob “this weekend best MMORPGFPSRTS DONE!” However, I have to let you know that I still have quite a few doubts…

Keep in mind that modern MMORPGs still take 3+ years to develop, and that’s with an ENTIRE TEAM. In Blender, the basic client/server programming will probably take you several months to learn, and then at least another month to implement in a barely playable fashion. Then you have to think about content, gameplay, balance, art…

In conclusion… the general advice that we give to everyone who wants to make an MMORPG… it’s VERY hard, it takes a LOT of time, it’s NEVER been done by a single person, and you should start much, much smaller.


Agreeing with Sam here, I also think you should start small, too, You probably have learned more of the tools in Blender from all those Blender Books, but that because I never had enough time to buy them… I’ve been using it for 1 year and a half, you’ve been using it for six months, maybe that’s the equivalent of my learning in just 6 months, but as Sam said, start with something much much much smaller…

I had a friends who once asked me to model a character for his MMORPG, I asked for the script for servers and clients, and he said, ‘Don’t worry about I’ll, I’ll handle it’. but once he said that, I knew he would give up, and you know what? Yup, you guessed, he gave up. He started another project with guns and stuff and that seems to be going well… I asked what happened what happened to his MMORPG, and he said, ‘oh, I just got bored of making it… I needed to start new’, wow, bad excuse of not being able to figure out server/clients… :/… I think you should start with a gun game to, or mini games! :smiley: That’ll help you a lot with Blender Game Engine… Reading about BGE isn’t enough, using it actually makes you learn more…

I think you should make an MOG (multplayer online game) first at least, but not a who role playing game, those are almost impossible to do by yourself, you need an experienced team that alraedy KNOW python.

But if you are willing to keep on going with this…

Check out Bzoo great template :smiley:

Or the WASG Temaple, and get extra help from

They helped me a lot!

Just my extra two cents! :cool:

Welcome to forums…

Be prepared to shed both sweat and blood(not literally speaking of course)! If you reach a playable alpha stage in the future I will bow before you. To be completely honest, I don’t think that you will reach it…“Insert huge amount of people here” have tried this before you with exactly the same attitude, but maybe you are the person to break the spell. I really hope so. Good luck and Godspeed!

Just wondering, why can’t anyone just try to make a ORPG instead? With up to four players or something?

just another brick in the wall… :no:

good luck, you’ll need it.

Welcome to blender. I would advise doing smaller games first, but if you want to do a MORPG go ahead. Does that mean multiplayer online RPG, like an MMORPG without the massive? Good luck with everything. So hav you got any ideas for the game, besides an MORPG? like the style, story, anything? I should get a blender book sometime.

You will fail. Thats all.

You could give him some contructive crit at least, not just, you’ll fail… Give him some advice.

People like you really tick me off…

You shouldn’t just say someone will fail, because a lot of people said stuff like nonthing good will come out of tring to make anything online in blender…

Will what a epic mistake they made! There is bzoo, wsag, and a whole lot more that defied what they thought couldn’t be done! But, it was!

So, yes it’s a whole lot harder than a regular rpg… But possible you may ask? Yes, it is, hard, also yes, but still possible!

So like linux said give him some criticism! Just cause you couldn’t do anything like that doesn’t mean he, or someone else couldn’t!

I’m sorry guys for going off, and saying all that stuff… But, I can;t stand it when people just say it’s not possible when it’s been proven that’s it is possible!

I wish you the best of luck! Because, personally I know it’s possible with hard work!:smiley:


I think by MORPG he meant Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. I’m guessing somewhat like Diablo 2, 8 players to a server? If you plan on doing that, it will take you the full 3 years. I have been using GameBlender on and off for 3 and a half years, and the group I work with, just managed to finnish a playable online game last month. You will need to be fluent in python, and understand what your doing with gameblender.

In your place, I would start by trying to produce an extremely basic RPG first. Say with inventory and a simple combat system. You sound like your actually working towards your goal, unlike most people who want to make big games.

Thorack I would suggest spell checking your post, and removing the first paragraph on flaming. If you want to prevent flaming issues, try to sound professional, and don’t get emotional in your posts. If you need help with GameBlender, go on #GameBlender on IRC in Remember to ask specific questions, like “How do I convert a string to an integer?”, rather than “How do I make an inventory system?”, not many people want to spoon feed you the complex bits of game design.

Good luck to you, and please don’t post on every bit of information you learn, and every new animation you create. Give us major updates when you game reaches the next milestone.


I agree, that wasn’t to nice. encouragement would be nice.

I don’t mind people saying I will fail. All that does is that I want to prove them wrong.

I have started to look at some of the multiplayer teamplates such as Bzoo, Server X Thin Client and some more I don’t rember the name o… Have been spying on ethernal lands also O_o (I know they don’t use BGE). Thank you very much for the tip on WSAG I will look into it.

MORPG = multiplayer online role playing game. The 3 years goal was to have like 8 ppl online on a really small map.

Some 1 said I should make other games first, I wasn’t clear enough about this part excuse me. When I do tut’s I make games and after the tut’s I try to make a more advanced game probably with a feature I would need for the final game.

A question was if this were actual going to be considered WIP
Well I have been learning blender for 6 month just to be able to start working on the game so even that is actual WIP in a way :smiley: but if you don’t think so, at least that I started to model on my first thing for the game few days ago should be enough to be considered WIP. (game concept I been thinking of for years)

Btw I never bought these books, they are from a library :slight_smile:

The concept itself is actually a bit more as MOG to be totally honest

Don’t worry I wont post on every new animation I make :stuck_out_tongue: when I said now and then I mean it will probably not even be updated every month ^^

I always been better at math then writing ^^ but I’m going to try to spell a bit better, sorry.

mcguinnessdr: Yes, main idea was to try and keep it kinda small and simple, and focused on fun pvp. every1 will play same race human, u can then lvl different skills, and they will give a part of a combat lvl. magic-range-fighting will be typical “classes”, they give difrent amout of combat lvls, but even other skills will give combat lvl but you would need a lot more of those lvls to get 1 combat lvl. the pvp areas will mostly work that you can attack people close to ur combat lvl, but ofc sins alot of wanted monsters, mines and so will be deep in this pvp areas a larger difference in combat will be able to attack.

Until next time
\o/ Thorack

lol, well, you can just call that a MOG :), not an MORPG :stuck_out_tongue: lol

My library doesn’t have any blender books :frowning:

Well, I don’t wish you luck, because a lot of this isn’t luck :), I’ll wish you mad python programming skillz!


I don’t think you should start out quite so ambitious, but that is your own decision. So good luck!

I would try to get some knowledge of pyhton, and start a web page for this project as soon as possible. It is alot easier if people have a place to go to get info and screenshots of your progress. Sometimes it can be hard to find things like that in threads.


I wish oyu luck at deviling you python skillz!

Once you learn python it will all move it a bit faster to you!:smiley:

Also beware that most of those templates are made for older blenders… but, wsag is, i think, the most up-to-date one cause it works on blender 2.48, but not the 2.49 series cause of the new python version being put into it.

Again i wish you luck in learning python!:smiley:

I think this forum has gotten WAY too soft.

How may times are you people going to gently encourage this kind of behavior?

You want quality forums yet you encourage those who give you nothing but fantasy talk.

This person has nothing but a wish list, did not even bother to read the forum stickies, and still wants to act like he’s the victim.

We dont want people like you around. Why cant you just wait until you have something decent to present instead of driveling on about your fantasies?

It makes me sick that you people want to encourage this crap.

and yes, i said it, this thread is TOTAL CRAP.

And you people wonder why this forum is so infested with these people. ITS BECAUSE YOU ENCOURAGE THEM TO DO THIS.

Post deleted, so i may not be in this flame war that is starting!

It’s not a flame war, its the truth.

Look at all these threads in this section… How many of them have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the first post other than text?

Most of them. For me, it is DISGUSTING to see this… I cant believe you have all put up with it for this long.

What dont you understand about Work In PROGRESS/ FINISHED GAMES?

The forum is not called “Lets talk about our fantasies” is it? No.


And yes, I realize my posts are a bit harsh, but everyone knows this is becoming a big problem here. Its time we stopped treating everyone like a disabled kid and started treating eachother equally as adults, holding everyone to the same standard. People are going to be mean, its a fact of life. Accept it.