Morph between two animated objects

Hi, I need to animated a evolution of an object from one state to another. It’s the same object but at the end it is degraded, deformed, and it is animated. Is it posible to do this morphing between shapes?

Look into shape keys and blend shapes

Hi, I have noticed now that I may not have explained it correctly. In fact there are two heart models, the first one is healthy and the second, wich has the same exact geometry, is deformed. Both have heartbeat animation and what I need is to morph from the healthy to the hill heart over time maintaining its animation.

That works with shape keys, since both models have the exact same vertex count.

First you need to make one model the Shape Key of the other:
Select model B first, then model A, then go to its Object Data panel / Shape Keys section.
Click the + Button to add a Basis.
Click the black Down-Arrow-Button and select ‘Join as Shapes’.
This adds the B model as a Shape Key.

Now you have healthy and ill heart in one geometry. Animate the Value slider of the Shape Key to get from A to B.

For the heart beat, I would animate model A with a Lattice Modifier…

Thank you for your answer! I’ll try it and see how it behaves. I though I had to use Shrinkwrap modifier and was worried about the beat animation being broken or not able to mix with the morph.