Morph between two different meshes

Hi. I have two different meshes and I would like to morph one into another. I did some research in you tube. I found the shrinkwrap option. I I do not think I will be able to do that with the type of shapes I have.

The other option is to do it entirely with shape keys…but then you need to have same amount of vertex between one mesh and the other…

Is there any actual way to morph one Mesh into other having two different meshes ?

I would try with ANIMAX addon (25$) check here, especially the “transition from a group of objects to another”, 22" in the video:


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Looks really cool. I will try to contact the owner. Cause Its a bit expensive for the project I want to do and I need to be sure It allow me to morph two different objects…no effect in between. Just from one mesh to the other.

Thank you so much for this tip

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I am thinking if Geometry nodes…

Remember that there are two different kinds of shape keys – what were called “relative” and “absolute.” Relative keys begin from a single starting point and are meant to be added together, e.g. to produce facial expressions. Absolute keys can be used to implement a morph. But notice that they are both applied to one mesh, not two.

If you’re doing an animation, it can be very helpful to use “a strategically placed camera-cut,” which – unbeknownst to the viewer – actually takes you from one mesh to a completely different one, and maybe also elides a certain amount of [story …] time. First you show the start … CUT! … then you show the finish. The viewer will figure out for himself what happened in-between.

Might be something you achieve with a combination of shapekeys/shrinkwrap and the new keymesh feature

The shrinkwrap approach is kind of difficult cause the shapes of my different meshes. They are flower vases and quite different from each other. Maybe the plugin approach works better.

The shtinkwrap technique does not seem to work, I might be missing something, but I cant figure it out how to make the shrinkwrap work accordingly.

Thank you

Just wondering if doing it in post might be easier? Not in Blender of course, maybe there’s a free program that can do morphing?

Hum, this will be difficult especially if you need a real morph…
There is no magic bullet, you have to cheat to make one object match the shape of the other…

Animax is cool, and that will give you a nice result but it will be different from what you expect.
that will be something in the lines of that :

What you can do, is to make a transitional object with simpler topology (a tube), and using the shrinkwrap (with modifier applied) you make some shape keys of both vase.
Then you render the first object, the transitional object that goes from one shape to the other, and the second object.

Finally you put all that in a compositing software and you beautify the transition.

Having a pure 3D animation , without cheating or resorting to compositing will be quite hard to get…

I wrote to the Animax plugin guys but did not reply. I might forget about it. It was to help a friend for his new vases project in Argentina. I guess I will bring another story board idea. I checked in Houdini is possible, but I never ever tried it. I only herd its a really complex software.