Morph One Object Into Another?

For an animation, I need to morph one type of cell into another type of cell, beneath the lens of a microscope. How would you go about creating the transition from one object to another? Any tips, tricks or tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

You could use shape keys to morph each from their shape to a similar “blob”. Then keyframe cell #1 to go from shape to blob, and cell #2 from blob to shape. You just have to make the interim “blob” look the same or very similar.

Any tutorials you could recommend on the subject, I saw one on CGCookie, but they said that you have to have the same amount of vertices, and they didn’t mention anything about the middle shape, so I think they used a different method or an outdated method, either way I need more information on the subject.

No tutorials because I made it up as a way to solve your problem. Sometimes you have to do a little work yourself and test a few different things. In this thread and your other thread it sounds like you want someone to just hand you an exact solution to your problem. That is probably not going to happen. More likely you will be given a few ideas as to how to solve your problem then it is up to you to play around and come up with your own solution.

Then when you do solve it, the polite thing to do is share that solution with the community.

As a test, start with a subdivided cube, and a subdivided sphere. The think what shape could I morgh each of these to? Then do that, then combine the two and look at the results. Then try with two more complicated meshes, and then again until you figure it out.

I’m sorry if I’m coming off as selfish. In terms of finding a solution myself, I have found something that may work well, but it doesn’t hurt to know what my options are.

If you’re interested to know, I’ve divided up the model into different shapes. The basic cell body, and then the dendrites and axons of the neuron cell. With some simple keying, I could have them emerge from the basic cell body, giving the appearance of them growing out of the cell. Not the most elegant solution, or the most physically accurate, but it should work.

I’m no Blender expert, so I was hoping that there may be a solution I hadn’t thought of or was even aware of, I apologize if it seems like I’m taking advantage of anyone.