Morph targets (baked bones animation) still relevant


I wanted to bake my animations for unreal, but some people tend to suggest it’s not a good idea

from this thread : Is it possible to bake armature poses into shape keys/ morph targets? - Animation and Rigging - Blender Artists Community

is this still necessary to optimize animations ?
I am planning to make a game with quiet a lot of animated meshes


You’ll need to look up a Unreal specific guide to importing animations, from Blender preferably. Like this: Please note that that thread is almost ten years old, both Blender and Unreal have changed significantly in that time, so I doubt anything in it will still be useful to you :slight_smile:

that’s not the question this thread is about…I am not asking how

I am asking if it is still relevant today to bake/optimize animations

please admin can you reset this thread to get a chance of getting a proper answer ? thanks

It’s always relevant to bake and optimize animations, no game engine currently in existence can function without baked animations. I was trying to be helpful and provide information about how to do that, but since you just want a specific answer to a specific question, there it is. You must bake animations for game engines

thanks, I really felt in the thread I linked, that it was not that relevant since you have to use an obsolete file format to do so in blender

baking has some disadvantages as more RAM demanding