Morph UV

I was looking for a way to do morph UV in Blender, and I found out that it can be done with geometry nodes. I share this.



The originator of the node structure is here.

Variety of uses

I believe that this morph UV can be applied to a variety of uses.

  • Follow another object to a surface based on its UV layout (Surface deform modifier)
  • Easier to paint weights that are difficult to paint in mesh form.
  • However, it cannot be applied to sculpting/vertex painting…


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You are a genius! Is it possible to apply a modifier when the object is flat? Add some modifications and after that, shrink it backward adding geo nodes again?

Weld modifiers are required to use modifiers together as all faces are separated.

It is possible to restore the original shape with the geometry node of the same morph UV,
I don’t know how to restore it to its original shape in another geometry node.
Try the sample file.

(by the way,the original author is @ weatherchick227)