Morph with blender

(cluh) #1

I originally downloaded Blender when I was searching for a freeware morphing program, so I thought, Hey, why not try to make a morph with Blender. So I came up with a way to do it and using vertex keys and UV mapping I came up with this:

(VelikM) #2

Well done!
How did you do it? Can you write a tut?

(BgDM) #3

Thas was sweet. Almost seemless!!! Excellent work cluh!

Definitely give us some info on how you did this.


(snailrose) #4

That rocks!!!
I must know how it was done


(blengine) #5

downloading…downloading…downloading…done!!! opening…opening…opening…whoaaaa!!! that looks great! a perfect morph! with blender u say? how how?

(cluh) #6

Thanks for the comments guys. I guess this can be my first tutorial. I’ll start on it tonight. :slight_smile:

(Nayman) #7

how you do

(TurboG) #8

Cool Morphing…I tried somthing like it a while back and failed (I made a cube into a sphere though :smiley: ). Looking forward to your tut.

(dreamsgate) #9

write quickly please, I have an upcoming use for that.