How do i morph between two objects if its possible thankx


You can “morph” between two shapes using shape keys, but the shapes must both be defined on the same mesh, so the mesh’s vertices and basic geometry have to be the same. Technically, the materials also have to be the same, but most aspects of the materials can be keyed to animate, so stuff like color and texture can be animated. If your two objects are fairly similar, this might be the way to go.

If you want to morph between a crab and a fridge, it’s not so simple. I think there are probably ways to get just about any effect, using compositing and maybe intermediate shapes, but it would be some fairly advanced Blendering, I think.

thanks for your rerply could you pls tell me how to do shape keys

Cheers for that mate

is there anyway to actually turn a plane mesh into a sphere mesh


You could morph between a flattened, tweaked sphere and a sphere.