Morphing arbitrary polygons

I’m trying to morph two meshes with differing number of vertices. I’d like do the morph slowly, say 100 intermediate meshes between the two key-meshes.
I’m guessing I have to do this outside of Blender, then bring in each computed mesh.
Am I right that Blender can’t do this? And second, anyone know of tools (opensource/free) that can do this?


All you have to do is select the meshes (leaving the main mesh for last) and use Ctrl + J. That will merge the meshes into one.

If they are two different meshes I don’t believe blender can morph them. If they were two variations of the same base mesh you could just copy their shapes as shapeskeys to the common base mesh and morph between them.

Yes, they are different meshes, with different number of vertices. So, it sounds like I need an external tool. Advise, suggestions?

I’m not saying this is going to work all that well, but you may want to experiment with using the shrinkwrap modifier to help here. Try this:

  • Look at your two meshes and choose the one that has the highest vert count
  • Duplicate that mesh and move it to the same location as the lower vert count mesh
  • Add a shrinkwrap modifier to high-vert mesh and set the low-vert mesh as the target
  • Make adjustments to the modifer and the high-vert mesh to get it to match the low-vert mesh as well as possible
  • Apply the shrinkwrap modifer to make it permanent
  • Made any additional changes to your new high-vert mesh to clean things up (you may want to use face snaping to help)
  • Copy the new high-vert mesh as a shapekey on the original high-vert mesh… at this point you should be able to get a clean morph.