Morphing Characters

Hello, I am kind of new to Blender, but I would like to make a character that morphs from a little small guy to a big muscle guy (HULK style).

I’m assuming I’d have to use the exact same mesh for both characters right? Meaning there is no way to morph two different meshes with different vertices, etc, right?

Also, can I make two seperate characters from the same mesh in different files or would I have to animate the morph directly?

Any directions or tutorials would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Okay, I am a considerable noob…but maybe vertex keys are what you are looking for (or do they call them shape keys now?)

Yes, they’re called shape keys now. Shape Keys is the only way that I can think of, and yes, you’d have to rearrange all the verts, which I would guess would be difficult…

I guess there’s a good reason Superman always ducked into a phone booth. I suspect you’d have an easier job modeling the big Hulk character first, then reducing his size to the smaller character. The cuts and bulges in the muscleman will need a more dense mesh than the wimpy smooth guy. Either that or fake it with two separate models, fade one out while the other fades in, and cover your tracks with some kind of halo particle light show effect or a burst of smoke surrounding the characters. Not exactly a morph, though.