Morphing Logo animation

Hi Guys,
Can you point me in a right direction.
I would like to create an animated logo. I have SVGs and I want to morph from on to another and back so animation is in a loop.
I saw a a couple tutorials how to morph one shape to another. But I cannot find a way to morph a logo (which consist of multiple shapes)?

See My sketch
And MIT example:) it is what I am after.

Thank you


Blender isn’t the best software to morph one SVG to another. ( It is probably not posibble without complex python scripting)
I think it would be easiest to use After Effects for that.

In your sketch All I can see is that the shape rotates 720 degress. There is not much morphing there.

Thank you for suggestion, but I don’t have access to AE .
So I have 4 shapes drawn in today Inkscape and they have identical number of points .
Now I basically want to have a transition from one to another.
I can spent my time moving points from one shape to another to create a key animation.

I just thought there is a more automatic or semi automatic method?


Ok if someone is wondering I have found a way by using Shape keys. Easy.
It just takes time to move all the points to corresponding positions.

I will share a result in case …
Cheers guys

Here you go … a quick test. I have to spent more time to add mo transition and make better animation.